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Facility Use Policies

General Philosophy

The buildings and grounds of Second Presbyterian Church were built and maintained for the pursuit of ministry all to the glory of God.  Use of the facilities by church groups generally takes priority over use by outside groups.

Full utilization of the physical facilities by approved groups is encouraged as a means of practicing good stewardship of our resources and supporting community service.



Responsibilities and Approval Process

All requests for building use are passed to the Administrative Assistant for tracking. The Administrative Assistant checks for potential conflicts; if there are conflicts, the Administrative Assistant works with the requestor to resolve them.


If the request is from a new group, the request is referred to the Pastor, who will assess how well the request aligns with the Church’s mission. The Pastor may choose to contact the requester to learn more about the organization.

The Administrative Assistant brings the request to the next regular staff meeting, to determine whether staff is available to be on site at the time of the event.


The Building and Grounds team, or its designated representative, then reviews the request (no matter what the results of the above two steps were).


For one-time requests: if it is approved by Building and Grounds, we obtain a signed request form and deposit from the requestor, and the event is allowed to proceed.


For ongoing requests: if it is approved by Building and Grounds, it is brought before the Session for approval. If the Session approves, we obtain a signed request form and deposit from the requestor, and the event is allowed to proceed.



Usage Guidelines

2PC groups are encouraged to schedule their needs as early as possible in order to assure their priority over outside groups.  All groups are scheduled on a yearly basis, when possible.  Conflicts in scheduling will be resolved by the Administrative Assistant.  A Facility Usage Request Form will provide the maintenance staff with the necessary information for setup.


While this policy cannot possibly envision all uses and circumstances that may arise, there are certain minimum restrictions on property use as follows:

  • Portable property of the church shall not be taken from the church except for use as required in church functions or by church groups.
  • Nails or other permanent fastenings shall not be driven into any part of the building without prior approval.
  • Precautionary measures shall be taken to protect all church property. Set-up and removal should be planned in advance by the responsible group.
  • All 2PC facilities should be left in the same condition in which they were found.
  • Each room has a standard setup (table and chair arrangement). Requests for a significantly different setup may incur additional setup charges. While groups are free to move chairs, only 2PC staff should move heavy tables or other furniture.
  • Tobacco usage, illegal drug usage, and firearms are not permitted in the building.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages is permitted only with specific Session approval.
  • Use of the church kitchen is reserved for church activities only, unless authorized by the Building and Grounds team.
  • All groups will abide by 2PC’s abuse, neglect, misconduct and harassment policy.


Criteria for Outside Groups Using Facilities
  • Objectives must be consistent with those of Second Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church, USA.
  • Usage should not be in conflict with programs of the church.
  • Usage fees will be paid to the Bookkeeper/Accountant.
  • Application for usage should be made to the Administrative Assistant. A Facility Usage Request Form must be completed and reviewed before a definite reservation is made.
  • A refundable security deposit will be required (ordinarily $100).


Room Setup Options and Capacity
  • Sanctuary setup options:
    • Setup as for Sunday worship (standard setup), capacity 275 (175 in nave, 100 in side transepts)
    • One or more tables can be set up in front (panel discussion). Same capacity.
    • The communion table and lectern can be moved, and chairs set up in the chancel (concert). Same audience capacity. (Maximum 45 chairs in chancel)
  • Niccolls Hall setup options:
    • Six round tables with chairs, open in center (standard setup)
    • Up to 12 round tables with 8 chairs each, capacity 96
    • Theater style, capacity 150
  • Dining room setup options:
    • 15 round tables, 8 chairs each, capacity 120 (standard setup)
    • Up to 10 round tables plus open (dancing) space, seated capacity 8 per table
    • Theater style, capacity 140
  • Portrait Lounge setup options:
    • Normal chairs and couches, capacity 25 (standard setup)
    • Classroom, capacity 40



Charges for Use of Facilities

No fee shall be charged to any program group of 2PC or the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy except for any out-of-pocket costs incurred in food preparation and any additional custodial costs which may be required.

Outside groups will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule. If special circumstances warrant, fees may be adjusted at the discretion of the Pastor.


This document should be reviewed and updated annually by Building and Grounds. This version was updated March 2020, next review March 2021.

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