Concordance Academy of Leadership uses a holistic, integrated, and evidence-driven model to address the alarmingly high rate of reincarceration in the U.S., and the enormous impacts it has on society, the economy and millions of people. The Concordance Re-Entry Model assist participants in three primary areas: behavioral health and wellness; education and employment; and community and life skills. Participants join the program six months prior to release and continue for up to a year after their return to the community.


For over thirty years, Second has been in partnership with two organizations which work with recently incarcerated men and women, first through Project Cope and now with that organization’s successor, Concordance Academy.  


In the early years of this mission, a team of members from the church would partner for a year with an individual who was going through the process of release from prison, offering physical, financial, spiritual and emotional support, sometimes successful, sometimes ending with a return to prison, but always impacting both the men and women who had been incarcerated and the team members.


In the past few years, the work with Concordance has changed and we are no longer participating as volunteer teams, but we are offering our church kitchen as a place where ex-offenders can learn new skills (cooking, food preparation) with the hope that these skills can help them find a job.


To learn more, please visit or call (314) 936-6001.

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