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Dear Congregational Family,

1. Blessed New Year!

2. New Year’s Eve Service and Congregational Family Night: Tonight we will be having a shorter service at 7:00pm in sanctuary as we join for songs and a brief meditation to thank God for this past year, and to pray His blessing on this coming year. Immediately following the service, we will be having a meal together in the Fellowship Hall. The Fouks have made lasagna again this year, and you may bring something in addition to share as well. Following the meal, there will be many options to choose from for good fellowship including: games, photo booth, movie, etc……

3. Christmas Eve Reflection: It was so good to see you (and your invited friends & family!) on Christmas Eve! One of my favorite parts of the service is when we sing Silent Night by candlelight. As the crucifer stood at the front of the sanctuary, holding the cross high, I noticed how the candlelight reflected from the cross. As we followed, going out through the sanctuary I thought about how we are to continue following the ONE TRUE LIGHT whose love shone forth from the Cross of Calvary, as we go out into our communities and continue to reflect the Light of Christ!

4. Epiphany: This Sunday is Epiphany, which is the 12th day of Christmas, and the celebration of the “revealing of Christ to the Gentile world.” This was so important to the early church, that it was actually an official celebration, before Christmas was officially celebrated! I love this season and look forward to preaching this Sunday on “God: Reflected & Revealed” by the slave girl in II Kings 5 (if you want to read ahead!). God also reveals Himself in Holy Communion, which we will be celebrating this Epiphany Sunday!

God bless you as we continue following the LIGHT and,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Blessed New Year!

Pastor Carlson

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