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Dear Congregational Family,

1. Justice: This week our nation continues to be gripped with the ongoing situation surrounding the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice. There are undeniably many political and social agendas below the surface, of which the issue of abortion is at the center.
However, there is the dilemma for the American people of trying to make sure that victims of abuse are heard and protected; while also making sure to not wrongfully accuse innocent people, nor to discard a core value of the American justice system which states that “one is innocent until proven guilty.”
As Christians, let us continue to pray to the Lord for all those in the media spotlight and for our nation during this agonizing time.

2. World-wide Communion Sunday: This Sunday is designated as World-wide Communion Sunday as Christians around the world will be gathering together to partake in Holy Communion as an expression of our spiritual unity as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. As we partake in Holy Communion, we remember Christ’s death and resurrection, and we also receive the very Real Presence of Christ, “in, with, and under the bread and the wine.” Come and be fed by the Lord as we live out our faith and share the Gospel with others, while awaiting the glorious return to Jesus when He returns to bring His bride, the Church, to the Banquet Feast of the Lamb in the new heaven and new earth. I look forward to communing with you this Sunday at the Table of the Lord!

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God.”

Pastor Carlson

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