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Dear Congregational Family,

1. VBS: We are in the midst of having an incredible week with VBS! It is a joy to see our church family working together to share the Love of Jesus and the Good News of Salvation with the children of our communities! There is a wonderful spirit here at church. God has blessed us with so many volunteers who are serving in so many different ways! Counting students and adults we have well over 200 again this year. (see pictures below).

2. Prayer: We need your continued prayers for VBS. God’s Word is going forth. Lives are being impacted spiritually. Young (and old) people are growing in their faith. This is a very full week and people will be tired, stressed and stretched in different ways. Pray for God’s grace, peace and joy for all those at VBS and for the families that are impacted at home.

3. Last week: The reason you did not receive an email last week, was because I was on the road while on vacation and simply could not make it happen! Thanks for your prayers for us while we were away. We drove 3,000 miles and visited 300 family members and friends! It was wonderful, but it has been good to be back home!

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God.”

Pastor Carlson

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