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September: We had a wonderful start to a new year of school. The students came into the classroom with smiles and energy every day. We are learning our routines for the school day: story time, snack, craft, and games. The students have started practicing fine motor skills with pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and scissors. The classes have enjoyed singing time, acting out Bible stories, and playing outside.


The morning class has been focusing on learning about the five senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling. They have done science experiments with water and air, binoculars, key boards, and food. They have practiced using each sense to learn about the world around them.


The afternoon class has been working on learning their colors: yellow duck, blue train, green frog, etc. Both classes enjoyed activities with Bible stories: Jesus healing a blind man, the wall of Jericho, and the boy who shared his lunch. Each day is a new adventure. The students are making friends and developing wonderful “school” skills.

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