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January:  The weather has been delightful:  SNOW!  Our classroom has been covered in “snow” (newspaper) as the students rolled balls to build a snowman.  They have held icicles and played games with mittens and hats.  They have enjoyed stories about winter animals and crafts of Eskimos.  We have even learned a rhyme about melting to a puddle.  In addition to the weather, both classes were thrilled with the Bible stories of Jonah, Samuel, and David and Goliath.  The students measured themselves next to the giant and practiced their skills with a “sling shot.”  The morning class is continuing with the alphabet, using the letter of the day in words and in writing, in stories and in song.  The afternoon class has started quoting nursery rhymes.  They loved having Humpty Dumpty (an egg) fall off the wall and jumping over the candlestick like Jack.  We are staying warm with all the fun in the classroom.

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