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APRIL: April showers bring May flowers.  The classes started looking for signs of spring in the garden, with the birds and bugs, and the weather.  They dressed the “weather bear” every day and talked about what was happening in the sky outside.  In the midst of this, they learned about Easter and Jesus on the Cross, in the tomb, and ALIVE!  The students rode a donkey and waved palms to reenact Palm Sunday.  They colored eggs, decorated crosses, and peeked into the empty tomb.  The morning class finished the alphabet with umbrella, volcanoes, the big bad wolf, an xray, yolk, and Zacchaeus.  The afternoon class learned about Namaan washing, that God cares for them, and made Bible covers.  Both classes planted seeds and are waiting for vegetables and flowers to grow.  They learned about growing things and that God makes all things grow.  Everyone is invited to our closing programs.  The morning program is Wednesday, May 15th at 7 pm.  The afternoon program is Monday, May 20th at 2:15 pm.  The last day of school is May 22nd.  Please be sure to turn in your registration for next year…and pass one to a friend or neighbor.  Thank you.

March: in like a lion and out like a lamb.
The classes looked for signs of spring outside – robins, tree buds, daffodils, etc. They talked about weather and each day someone would set up the weather chart and dress the weather bear. They brought home pussy willow branches and spring flower paintings.

The morning class continued with their alphabet lessons: o for opposites and an obstacle course, p for parables of Jesus and penguins, q for queen Esther and a quilt of handprints, r for Rahab and roads, s for Samson and the sandbox, and t for turtles. They are memorizing the 23rd Psalm as a class and practicing for the show in May.

The afternoon class finished classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood, the Tortoise and the Hare, and the Three Little Pigs. They also built Jericho’s wall and matched around with trumpets like Joshua did. Plus, they “sailed” in a boat as Jesus calmed the storm. They are also working hard in practice for their show in May.

Both classes enjoyed green fun for St. Patrick’s Day. They are looking forward to Easter next month. Registrations for next year are available online and at the door of the classroom…please share with your friends and neighbors.

God is Love. The classes had a lovely time celebrating Valentine’s Day and learning stories and songs about God’s Love for us and our love for each other. They cut out hearts and decorated love bugs. They talked about Jesus loving the little children and the Good Samaritan loving his neighbor. The morning class continued with their alphabet lessons with Lions, Mittens, Nests and a big Octopus. The afternoon class added more stories and numbers to their list: sorting sizes with Goldilocks, counting beans with Jack and the Beanstalk, and practicing “1” and “2”. Thank you for the treats and fun that the children shared at our Heart Party! Registrations are being taken for next year. Please pick up an application at our door, or online, and share one with a friend.

January:  The weather has been delightful:  SNOW!  Our classroom has been covered in “snow” (newspaper) as the students rolled balls to build a snowman.  They have held icicles and played games with mittens and hats.  They have enjoyed stories about winter animals and crafts of Eskimos.  We have even learned a rhyme about melting to a puddle.  In addition to the weather, both classes were thrilled with the Bible stories of Jonah, Samuel, and David and Goliath.  The students measured themselves next to the giant and practiced their skills with a “sling shot.”  The morning class is continuing with the alphabet, using the letter of the day in words and in writing, in stories and in song.  The afternoon class has started quoting nursery rhymes.  They loved having Humpty Dumpty (an egg) fall off the wall and jumping over the candlestick like Jack.  We are staying warm with all the fun in the classroom.

Merry Christmas!  The students had a joyous month learning about the birth of Jesus.  He is the Reason for the Season. They learned about the many participants at the first Christmas: the angels, the shepherds, the kings, and even the donkey and sheep!  In addition, the classes decorated a tree, made many seasonal crafts, ran like Rudolph, hung stockings, and enjoyed many Christmas treats.  The Christmas shows were wonderful: showcasing their talents, creativity, and personalities.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November: We have much to be thankful for at Preschool! The classes spent the month learning about prayers and counting their blessings. Each day different students offered a prayer of thanks for something special in their life. It is precious to hear their prayers of thanksgiving! They are also learning about the First Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Native Americans. The students talked about how Pilgrim and Native American children lived and played, listened to many stories, and even “rode” the Mayflower from England to Plymouth Rock. The students have loved playing in our class tepee and trying on Pilgrim and Native American clothes and accessories from our Thanksgiving box. We are thankful for each student and family in our Preschool. Both classes have started practicing for our Christmas Pageant. Everyone, friends and/or family, is welcome to attend. The programs are scheduled for Wednesday, December 19th: 10:45 am for the morning class and 2:15 pm for the afternoon class.

October: Fall has started. We spent a day learning about apples and even making applesauce. The classes took walks outside looking for fall leaves and squirrel nests. The students enjoyed making trees with falling leaves, acorns, squirrels, and pumpkin crafts. Each day they get to change the face of our jack o’ lantern bulletin board with different shapes for eyes, nose, and teeth. Both classes had a wonderful Hat Party on October 31st. The students passed out treats to their classmates. Thank you for sending in such wonderful surprises to share. Everyone enjoyed making shaving cream slime! The morning class finished their activities with numbers: Namaan washing in the river 7 times, God creating the world in 7 days, 8 legs on a spider, and a turkey with 9 feathers! They also learned about the life of Moses, ending with the 10 plagues and 10 commandments. The afternoon completed the color rainbow with a story of Joseph’s coat of many colors.

September: We had a wonderful start to a new year of school. The students came into the classroom with smiles and energy every day. We are learning our routines for the school day: story time, snack, craft, and games. The students have started practicing fine motor skills with pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and scissors. The classes have enjoyed singing time, acting out Bible stories, and playing outside.


The morning class has been focusing on learning about the five senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling. They have done science experiments with water and air, binoculars, key boards, and food. They have practiced using each sense to learn about the world around them.


The afternoon class has been working on learning their colors: yellow duck, blue train, green frog, etc. Both classes enjoyed activities with Bible stories: Jesus healing a blind man, the wall of Jericho, and the boy who shared his lunch. Each day is a new adventure. The students are making friends and developing wonderful “school” skills.

June, July, and August: Have a Wonderful Summer! See you in September!


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