Our Garden

The Jennie Elmore Garden Is located between the sanctuary and education building at Second Presbyterian Church.  The garden will be used for interring cremains of members, their families and partners as a scatter garden authorized by Section 214.500 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.


Memorial Hall
Located adjacent to the sanctuary.  The space on the south wall east of the windows will be reserved for individual metal plaques of the same size and style that will contain only the name of person whose cremains have been interred in the Memorial Garden with the dates of birth and date.


Conditions and Procedures for use of the Memorial Garden:

  1. Members of Second Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, their spouses, partners, parents and children are eligible to use the Memorial Garden for interment of cremains.
  2. A survivor shall notify the Church office of a death.
  3. A survivor will engage a cremation service to arrange for a death certificate and cremation with the cremains placed in a simple box.
  4. A survivor will arrange with the Pastor for a memorial service and interment of the cremains.
  5. At the time agreed for interment the cremains are brought to the Memorial Garden, the soil will be turned up, the cremains scattered and covered with the soil. No markers or plaques will be placed in the Memorial Garden.
  6. After the cremains are interred the church office will arrange for the manufacture of a uniform bronze metal plaque with the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death, which the church maintenance staff will mount on the designated space in Memorial Hall.
  7. Survivors shall pay the cost of manufacture and mounting at the time arrangements are made for interment.
  8. No cut flowers, wreathes or vases may be placed in the garden.
  9. The Building and Grounds Mission Team shall be responsible for the maintenance, protection and supervision of the Memorial Garden.
  10. The Office Administrator shall maintain a written record in the church office of all cremains interred in the garden that will include the name, date of birth, date of death, Social Security number and the names and address of the immediate survivors.

If Second Presbyterian Church shall cease to exist as a church, the written record of the cremains shall be transferred by the Office Administrator to City of St. Louis Registrar and the soil with cremains shall be reinterred in Bellefontaine Cemetery Lot 165 Bock 31-40, currently owned by Second Presbyterian Church and the name plaques from the Memorial Hall wall shall be moved and mounted on a single headstone on the grave site.



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