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Members of the Session

The governing body of a Presbyterian Church is called the Session. It is made up of the Pastor plus the elders in active service. Second Presbyterian has twelve active elders divided into three classes. New elders are elected each year, by the congregation, to replace those whose term has expired. Once ordained, one is always an elder – either active or inactive. The session has authority over all organizations within the local church. The Clerk of Session is nominated and elected by the session annually.

Class of 2020

Michael Eckman
John Leo
David Maltby
Barbara Vindiola

Class of 2019

Barbara Bowyer
Helen Imes
Jesse C. Swanigan
Karen Kelsey

Class of 2018

Rebecca Barnes
Carlene Davis
Katy Gordon
Robert Rembert


Ellen Schroeder


Claudia Wall


Back Row: Jean Chouquette, Andrew Peters, Don Cochran, Nicole McRae, Dennis Umfleet; Front Row: Susan Andrews, Patty McClerking